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Stakeholder relations
The group to the principles of objective, honest, balanced relevant and understandable communication and non-financial information to stakeholders. This is considered to be of such importance that the group CEO is involved with most instances of stakeholder communication. The group acknowledges the role and responsibility of the various regulators and our relationships with them are maintained in a transparent and proactive manner.

Human Resources
The group regards its people as its most important element of its business. It is therefore important to make the best use of the human capital we have available.

Training & Development
The group provides training to its employees in a number of different ways. The group sends its employees to various external training courses facilitated by organizations governing the various sectors the group operates in. The company pays for learnership programmes embarked on by employees such as CFA. The group also performs in-house training, facilitated by senior employees as a method of transferring knowledge to junior employees.

Employee participation
In order to retain and attract entrepreneurs, the group has a philosophy of encouraging management and key employees in the group to acquire a meaningful interest in the group and/or its underlying businesses. A share incentive scheme was put in place during the year and employees are now co-owners of the business and are treated as such, with transparent communication a priority.

Employment Equity
The group is a New South Africa" company and is representative of all the people in South Africa. The group subscribes to the principle of equal opportunity. Group companies have set their own targets and specific action plans.

The group pursues a code of conduct for staff designed to provide guidance as to the ethical conduct in all areas, appropriate policies around the safeguarding of assets and information and the appropriate corrective measures to enforce these policies.

Safety, health and environment
The group is committed to a safe, healthy and hygienic working environment in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993. The group has undertaken to prepare a formal safety and health policy. The policy will outline the responsibilities of the group and employees in terms of health and safety requirements. It will also detail procedures for the first aid, emergency evacuation and exposure to the environmental health risks.

The group in conjunction with its medical aid provider (Discovery Health) holds an annual health day. The purpose of this day is for employees to get tested for various ailments. This helps increase health awareness amongst employees.

The group is committed to having a positive carbon footprint on the environment. The group is currently focused on paper usage and recycling. Employees are encouraged to print responsibly. The group also has recycling boxes for paper, to encourage responsible use of paper. The group disposes of all old IT equipment in a green manner.