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Asset Management

Vunani's asset management operations comprise institutional and private wealth product offerings. Vunani Fund Managers solely services the institutional market, whilst Vunani Private Clients service private clients.

The institutional offering provided by Vunani Fund Managers ("VFM") comprises a product offering that spans 3 broad categories as follows:
Single Asset Class – Managed Equity, Bonds, Inflation-linked Bonds & Property
Multi-asset Class – Absolute Return (CPI+ range) and Alternative Return (capital protection)
Smart beta – Fundamental Indexation, Market Cap Indexation

For more information on the investment team, management team as well as the performance track record of the respective product categories above visit www.vunanifm.co.za

The private clients offering is offered through Vunani Private Clients("VPC"). VPC offers a trading platform for high net worth individuals who want to trade their own portfolios,derivatives and hedging instruments. VPC also manages portfolios on behalf of private clients. The wide range of products on offer includes geared derivatives (like CFDs and Single Stock Futures) to money market accounts. In addition, it has a range of absolute, balanced and directional funds. It is also active in both the local and international sphere with a range of offshore trading and investment products. For more information visit www.vunaniprivateclients.co.za