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Vunani Private Clients

Vunani Private Clients offers high net-worth clients stockbroking and fund management as well as access to various derivative trading and hedging instruments. The wide range of products on offer includes geared derivatives (like CFDs and Single Stock Futures) to money market accounts. In addition, it has a range of absolute, balanced and directional funds. It's also active in both the local and international sphere with a range of offshore trading and investment products.

With a formidable research team and tailored advice, clients get in-depth market research and stock market recommendations. In addition clients have access to a variety of investment seminars, courses and one-on-one training sessions.

Vunani Private Clients has a team of driven individuals. Our traders, analysts, portfolio managers and wealth experts are expected to bring and develop their own niche skills over and above their designated roles. It is this requirement "to go above and beyond" that's seen a unique coalition of expertise seldom seen under one roof. For more information visit www.vunaniprivateclients.co.za

Vunani Private Clients Proprietary Limited is  an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP  564)