Our business model is designed to create stakeholder value by bringing together diversified financial services platforms and product offerings that are unique to the markets in which we operate in.



The pool of funds that is provided to support the group’s operating activities and enables the businesses to implement and execute their strategy. Financial capital includes share capital, retained income generated by the businesses and funds provided by lenders.


The individuals that are employed within the group. This includes people’s skills, capabilities, knowledge and experience, and how this is applied to develop and improve the products and services offered by the group to its clients.


The supportive relationships that have been developed and are maintained with clients, shareholders, regulators, lenders, other stakeholders and other networks.


The knowledge of our people, our intellectual property, institutional memory, brand and reputation. This is closely linked to human and manufactured capital.


Tangible and intangible infrastructure (including information technology assets) that has been developed and is available for use within our operating businesses.


The renewable and non-renewable natural resources that are utilised to provide services that support the value creation and returns for stakeholders. As a financial services group we must deploy our financial capital in such a way that promotes the preservation of natural capital.


Our capital inputs provide the resources we need to carry out our operations and activities in each of our four business segments.

  • Share capital
  • Retained income
  • Other financial liabilities
  • Board of directors
  • 271 employees
  • Shareholders
  • Outsourced service providers
  • Associates and strategic business partnerships
  • Membership of and affiliation to professional bodies and industry associations
  • The communities in which we operate
  • Client relationships
  • Brand
  • Reputation and integrity
  • Regulatory approvals and licensing
  • Internally developed information technology platforms and systems.
  • Water, electricity, paper and other consumables utilised in providing services.
  • Within the private equity segment, mining assets are also considered to fall within this category.


Our primary operation is the provision of fund management services to institutional, corporate and retail clients. Products include equity, bond and money market products, which are structured through single asset and multi-asset class funds.


Our primary operation is the administration of death benefits on behalf of minor dependents of deceased retirement fund members.


Our primary operations include both corporate finance services and institutional securities broking services.


Our primary operations entail investing as principals into opportunities specifically focused on mining and property, and opportunities to become business partners with established South African corporates as they seek to expand their operations into the African continent.


We aim to operate our businesses to both create and sustain value for the long-term. As a result, we achieve the above outcomes.

  • Market capitalisation of R494.7 million.
  • Return on equity of 10.27%.
  • Debt to equity ratio of 207.9%.
  • Adequate levels of capital, as required by the respective regulators, held by each of the regulated entities in the group as at 28 February 2018.
  • 271 employees
  • R180.4 million invested in salaries during the year.
  • R0.9 million expended in training and development.
  • Staff wellness and team building initiatives held.
  • Member of multiple industry associations.
  • Ongoing relationships with shareholders and lenders.
  • In good standing with regulators.
  • Various CSI initiatives undertaken during the year.
  • Compliance with JSE and FSB licensing requirements, including capital adequacy.
  • Existing IT infrastructure evaluated and maintained, to maximise the useful life of assets.
  • Staff encouraged to use paper, electricity and water wisely. Promotion of paper recycling through the provision of recycling bins.
  • Coal mined and processed during the year.
  • Achieving a positive and consistent return for shareholders.
  • Sustaining a healthy capital structure and utilising capital to maximise stakeholder value.
  • Investing in talented individuals to ensure that each segment is driven by experienced leaders and staffed by skilled people who share in the group’s vision.
  • Strategic alliances and key partnerships.
  • Leverage off BEE status.
  • Maintain a robust and steady infrastructure that supports and facilitates opportunities in each segment.
  • Innovate through technology.
  • Ensuring that the group’s established platforms are competitive and meet client requirements and expectations.
  • Delivering creative solutions and innovative products to clients.
  • Minimise the environmental footprint of the organization and promote the preservation of natural capital.