Fairheads is a niche trust and beneficiary fund administrator responsible for administering funds on behalf of minor dependents of deceased retirement fund members.

The company’s client focus remains central to its approach to doing business.

  • Two key client groups, namely clients who consume its services (members and their guardians) and those who make the determination that funds should be placed in the company’s care (retirement fund trustees).
  • Its primary objective is to provide impeccable service delivery to its members because, in many cases, the funds it pays to them contribute significantly to their overall household income.

It also strives to improve educational and well-being outcomes for its members, with 80% of the capital requests it receives being for education-related expenses. It further recognises that it has an obligation to keep the retirement trustees who place money with the company informed about the well-being of the members. The company has therefore developed strong relationships with them based on openness and transparency.