Oracle Insurance Eswatini is an insurance business that has been operating Eswatini since 2008. The company specialises in both long-term and short- term products. In December 2019 as part of a consortium with key management of Oracle the acquisition of an effective 52% of the business was finalised by the group.

The company’s long-term insurance products are split into life products and pension and provident fund products. The life products include group life assurance, group life cover, group funeral policies, income continuation benefits and disability benefits. The pension and provident fund products are both defined contribution products.

Through its 100% held subsidiary the company provides various short-term insurance products. These include car, household, building, bicycle, watercraft and all risk insurance. It also provides health insurance products which include major in-patient benefits, major disease benefits, medical savings, health platform benefits and a rewards program. The company also provided short-term commercial insurance products. These include car, contents, building, electronic equipment, business interruption, all risk insurance, personal liability, public liability, fidelity guarantee, money insurance and motor traders insurance.

The portfolio construction skills and risk management capabilities of the company’s team of highly experienced investment professionals enable it to deliver world-class investment solutions. Its primary objective is to achieve investment returns that exceed agreed benchmarks and, in order to achieve this, it recruits and retains talented investment professionals. It also strives to continuously improve its market share.

Oracle’s management team has several years’ experience in the insurance industry.